Non-ablative lasers attack pigment in lighter complexions. The result can range from a gradual lightening of the spots to an almost immediate darkening, and development of a flat scab that flakes away within a week or two. One to three treatments necessary, two to three weeks apart.


                   hands down 5 stars. So far the best spa I've ever tried in Manhattan. Clean, not gigantic but nice and comfortable rooms and most

                   importantly, WONDERFUL RESULTS AND SERVICE.
                   The lady who did my spots removal treatment took really long time to carefully explain about procedure such as side effects, costs, results, and so on. I forgot her name but she seems to be the owner of that spa.
In fact, as she said, my face got lots of black spots after the treatment. But it calmed down in 3 days, and my spots almost all disappeared in 5 days(today)!! Still have a spot left (since it was the biggest on my face), but look way better now.
I actually wanted to write the review about my wonderful experience(her service and the spa itself), but an ultimate pragmatist, I wanted to wait to see the result (this is a spa after all and you come here to expect some improvement of yourself, right?). And it turned out to be perfect!! Even my coworkers realized the difference...!
Honestly, the pictures on their website were not really helpful and I hesitated a bit to come here since I couldn't imagine the result or treatment (turned out to be all good though!).
it'd be great if they could post additional pictures for each treatment..!
For my treatment, around $210 incl tip and tax and treatment (also turned to be the cheapest among all the spas I inquired) and heard you can get discount if you buy the package of 3 treatments.

Takako T.   New York, NY   10/5/2010  on




How does treatment for brown spots work?
Laser light is absorbed by melanin in the formation, heats up the pigment, causing decomposition or destruction by heat of unwanted brown cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

What results can I expect from Brown Spot Removal?
In most cases close to 100 percent pigment is gone. For evaluation on your particular case please schedule an appointment.

How many treatments are necessary?
Pigment may lie in the different level of dermis, which is why about 3 sessions 2-4 weeks apart are necessary. In rare cases more then 3 sessions are needed.

What is treatment like?
The treatment feels like a rubber band snap. Pigment will enhance within half an hour after procedure and will shed in most cases within a week.

How soon will I see results from Brown Spot Removal treatment?
You will see immediate darkening of pigment indicating the successful treatment. The pigment will shed within a week, color of skin will appear more even to completely spotless.

Who is the best candidate for a Brown Spot Removal treatment?
An light to olive skin individual having birth marks, sun spots, age spots or freckles if they are not raised and whose medical form is approved.

What Do I do first?
You may call us at (212) 213-3003 and schedule a consultation to evaluate your future benefits from laser treatment. We will be happy to answer remaining questions.